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Providing services «DELI na chasti» and «Consumer loans» in Westfalika, Rossita, Lisette, Emilia Estra и «Peshehod» stores

Consumer loans in Westfalika, Emilia Estra, Lisette, Rossita, Peshekhod outlets:

The company launched the project for cash loan issuing in 2010. Cash loans are issued by Arifmetika MCC LLC which is a part of Obuv Rossii Group. Many customers take cash loans before payday and for current consumer needs.

Arifmetika MCC LLC provides loans in all outlets of Obuv Rossii Group.

Consumer loan advantages:

  • Low rates for regular customers

  • Convenient use period - up to 12 months

  • Possibility to skip or reduce the payment

  • Re-crediting the loan without leaving home

How to apply for a consumer loan:

  1. Submit an online application in your Personal Account:

    1. Log in to your Personal Account
    2. Send an application,
    3. Get money transferred to the card.
  2. You can apply in issuing points in Westfalika, Rossita, Lisette, Emilia Estra, Peshekhod outlets

    1. Contact the loan issuing point in your city,
    2. Submit an application,
    3. Get money transferred to the card or in cash.
  3. Submit an application through the operator by the hotline phone
    8-800-555-25-52 or 8-800-250-22-55

Additional services:

«Skip the payment» - Transfer of the date of payments by 1 month ahead with full repayment of interest

«Reduce the payment» — The term of use of a consumer loan is increased, and the size of monthly payments is reduced. It is enough to pay the accrued interest, then the term of the contract will increase by the maximum period (determined for each contract by the program), the payments under the contract will decrease, and the planned payment will move one month ahead of the current date.

Loan amount

1 000 100 000


1 month 12 months

Loan amount

Preliminary monthly payment

Repayment methods:

  1. Payment in cash in issuing points of the Lender

  2. Personal account

  3. Payment through Sberbank PJSC channels: Sberbank Online service
    Sberbank Online mobile application: Android, IPhone

  4. Cashless transfer in a bank* (by transferring as per details specified in the contract)

    *it is possible to charge a commission at the rates of the payment system

    Bank details for payments to OOO MKK «Arifmetika»:
    VTB Bank (public joint-stock company) «Central» branch in Moscow.
    Account (Acc.): 40701810816036000045
    Russian Central Bank Identification Code (RCBIC) 044525411
    Correspondent account (Corr. acc.): 30101810145250000411