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«DELI na chasti» service

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Providing services «DELI na chasti» and «Consumer loans» in Westfalika, Rossita, Lisette, Emilia Estra и «Peshehod» stores

«DELI na chasti» service* in Westfalika, Rossita, Lisette, Emilia Estra and Peshekhod outlets:

Since November 2021 consumers has got the opportunity to get goods in the chain of shops Westfalika, Rossita, Lisette, Emilia Estra и «Peshehod» with «Deli na chasti» service*. Shoes, bags, outerwear, gloves and other accessories, as well as shoe care products - all of this you can get with the «DELI na chasti» service right now on favorable terms for any budget. At the same time, you pick up the goods immediately and enjoy the purchase, and make the first payment only after a month.

You only need a passport to apply for an instalment!

Advantages of «DELI na chasti» service:

  • Fast arrangements by one document

  • Own service without involving a bank

  • Convenient use period - up to 12 months

  • Loyalty program for regular customers

How to use «DELI na chasti» service:

  1. Choose the necessary goods in Westfalika, Rossita, Lisette, Emilia Estra, Peshekhod outlets across Russia

  2. Contact a store employee

  3. Choose the convenient payment period

  4. Execute the contract within 10 minutes

  5. Take the chosen goods

Requirements for the customer:

  • Russian nationality
  • Permanent residence in the Russian Federation
  • Permanent source of income (salary/pension)
  • Work experience in the last place - at least 3 (three) months
  • Availability of a mobile phone

Purchase amount

1 000 50 000


1 month 12 months

Purchase amount

Preliminary monthly payment

Payment methods:

Payment is made in equal instalments every month, you can repay the instalment ahead of schedule without additional commissions:

  1. To the outlet's cashier

  2. Personal account

  3. Through services of Sberbank of Russia PJSC

    1. Sberbank Online mobile application: Android, IPhone
    2. Sberbank Online service
    3. ATMs and terminals of Sberbank of Russia PJSC (in cash or by a bank card)
  4. Cashless transfer in a bank** (by transferring as per details specified in the contract)
    **it is possible to charge a commission at the rates of the payment system
    Bank details for payments to OOO MKK «Arifmetika»:
    VTB Bank (public joint-stock company) «Central» branch in Moscow.
    Account (Acc.): 40701810816036000045
    Russian Central Bank Identification Code (RCBIC) 044525411
    Correspondent account (Corr. acc.): 30101810145250000411